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This website began soon after Naseeb passed away, but it’s taken a few months for the words, photos and videos to be edited and presented here. We wanted to have a memorial for a lovely, caring, fun and thoughtful young man that anyone who knew him or knew of him could visit to remember him, wherever they may live. This might help us hold Naseeb close within our hearts as the years pass.

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GUIDE TO THIS WEBSITE: Here is a list of what there is on this site so far, with links to each section. The items that have an asterix (*) after them are password-protected because they contain images of friends or family which do not have permission for public viewing. Contact us if you don’t have the password and would like to view these items.

Comments, Tributes and Reflections – currently these are on the home page; this provides a place for people who knew Naseeb to share their own thoughts

Eulogies that were read out for Naseeb at his cremation service


The Programme for the Cremation Service is reproduced at

Cremation Service photos*:

Social Gathering photos*:


Edited Videos of the cremation service, and of the social gathering, on 23rd June 2016
The performances
each in their full length are also available as separate video clips at

Graffiti Art by Leo, an amazing public tribute by a close friend of Naseeb


Photos of Naseeb at different ages can be seen as a short set of selected classic shots at

Slideshow of Naseeb’s life*: this extensive set of photos as Naseeb grew up along with family and family friends was shown at the Social Gathering after the Cremation Service on 23rd June 2016, it’s available as a video along with a nice soundtrack at

Photos of Naseeb with friends* – a short set taken by some of his friends along with odd screen-shots of tributes from Facebook

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This is the first blog post on this website. There are many memories and reflections on Naseeb’s life that we hope to post here from time to time. There are also issues which affect young people, especially men, who can find themselves close to the edge which we might also write about here.

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