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Naseeb Chuhan (often known as ‘Chewie’ to his friends) was a lively, kind, fun-loving young man whose life sadly ended before his time. If you knew him please share comments below under Leave a Reply at the bottom of this page. Your comment will appear once it has been approved.

If you have pictures or videos, or want to write something longer for this memorial, please contact his parents via the Contact page.

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17 thoughts on “Comments, tributes and reflections”

  1. Chewie… Genuinely one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met. Impossible to dislike, contagious personality, one of a kind. I can honestly say he enriched everyone’s life. I feel like a better person for knowing him, his infectious smile will never be forgotten. I wish I didn’t have to write this, Chewie you’re going to be missed. What a loss. An extremely bright light went out the day you passed and it’s one that nobody could ever relight. Thank you for teaching me how to see the light in the darkest places. We will all miss you so much. They don’t make them like you anymore. xxxxx

  2. To a young man who vanished so sadly from this earth:
    Dear Naseeb,
    I’ve met you just about half a dozen of times. Spread over a little more than a decade with years apart. First you were a boy and then, the last time, I was amazed how quickly you have blossomed into a young man. I am a friend of your parents, especially Kooj, your father. Although I’m much much older I liked how easy it seemed to speak to/with you. In my impression you had this lovely mix of a humanly warm, fun-loving soul and thoughtfulness all rolled into one You. What happened to You? Since I’ve received a text message yesterday eve with the sad news I struggle to get my head around that You are gone. Young friend, you will be missed …

  3. Dear naseeb. The young boy i watched growing up from baby in mom’s arms to little boy with ever so cute voice that I’ll never forget in to a fine young man from a lovely family that were neighbours. And many many years of my looking after their cars we became very good friends. I will really miss watching you grow even bigger brighter & stronger but you’ll alway be here in my heart and thoughts. You can rest now naseeb and leave your woes behind. Till we meet again one day.

  4. From a card sent by Maya Shah, currently travelling in India.
    ” Dear Balwant and Kooj. Despite not being actually related Naseeb has always felt like a cousin to me. I have so many wonderful memories of times spent with all of you: coming to your house when we were children, eating chocolate bread, talking about dinosaurs, camping, Cornwall, Naseeb playing with little Ayush. We all turned into teenagers and adults and didn’t see each other much any more, but that doesn’t change how important Naseeb is to me, and you both are too. Naseeb will always be in my thoughts.”

  5. Whilst looking through some papers I found this love poem written to Naseeb during the last few months of pregnancy:

    Your eyes are drops of honey
    Your lips feel like satin
    Your skin is pure silk
    And your hands the world’s
    most ingenious creation
    My beautiful first born child
    I love you so very very much

  6. Sadly, I last saw Naseeb when he came with Kooj to London, aged about 14 I think, and we saw an exhibition at the National Gallery. My memories of him are from babyhood and as a gorgeous pretty
    toddler with huge bright eyes and lovely long hair, sadly cut eventually! Then as a lively, mischievous child enjoying games and promising to be a fabulous young man who I was looking forward to meeting again soon. So tragic that he is gone, chose to leave early, but I wish him light and love on his journey xxxx

  7. Naseeb was once the little boy in Manchester who I would look after when his parents needed a night out by themselves. He was chatty, full of ideas and fun to be with. I recall feeling quite chuffed to hear he referred to me as his favourite play person – he was too old to have a baby sitter! We lost touch when I moved back to Sydney though his Dad regularly sent me updates on family news – including this very tragic news.
    I don’t know why Naseeb felt death was the best choice at that moment, but I hope that if given another opportunity he would have decided to reach out to those who loved and cared for him and asked for some help. His life was worth it. He was not alone. Kooj and Balwant you are not alone either.
    Love Claudine

  8. Sister Balwant and Kuljit, Please accept our heartfelt condolences, words cannot begin to express our sadness but we are here for you and we are praying for you to get through this. Bless you both and may the soul of beloved Naseeb rest in everlasting peace.

  9. Nas, I speak for all of us at Z-arts when I say that you’ll be missed. You were a smiling face who made everyone feel welcome. We’ll miss your warmth, your kindness and the smile that could always be found on your face. My boyfriend Dan only met you the once, even after one meeting you’d stuck in his mind as the legend who’d been happy to listen to him leading off about the horrendous show I’d dragged him to see!

    The loss of you has hit us all very hard, if there was any way to bring you back we’d do it in a second. All the best mate, we miss you xx

  10. I just wanted to pass on my deepest sadness at this tragic news. Your son sounds like such a special person who touched the hearts of so many. I hope the love and support of all those around you will help you through such a difficult, heartbreaking time. I meant it when I said if you need anything, just let me know. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all your family at this time. Katy Redford-Traynor.

  11. From a card sent by Livy Chandler, whose farm in Wales Naseeb loved to visit for holidays. ” I feel so sad and upset. I keep getting different memories of Naseeb at various ages and stages of his growing up. When he first came he hadn’t yet had his haircut, and later on I remember him leading a ‘gang’ of kids around the place in his mischievous way. And him helping me in between those years. And how glad I am to have seen him on my last visit to you. I was always so fond of him and will cherish those memories. I wish you much strength for the huge task of mourning him and the adjustments ahead of you.”

  12. Some reflections by Nilofer Shaikh, a very close family friend, expressed at the Memorial Gathering. ” Dearest Balwant and Kooj, I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through, I see you coping with much braveness and courage and in such solidarity with each other……Naseeb’s gentle husky voice, his sweet mannerism and his cute shy like affectionate smile will stay with me forever”

  13. From a card sent by Jacqy, Naseeb’s tutor. ” I hadn’t seen Naseeb for quite a few years and only remember a beautiful, wonderful little boy; chatty, cheerful, intelligent, responsive, interested, enquiring and thoughtful. I hope it’s not too long before you can start to smile again when you remember him.”

  14. Feeling sorrow on losing Naseeb, I wrote these words entitled ‘Time’.

    Time ticks by
    Scrabbling in the soil
    Clutching at air
    Yearning to hold you

    Daylight is pale
    Night falls in sorrow
    Your absence echoes
    Silencing time away

  15. Nas, check your messages, I’ve texted you.

    It was an honour and a pleasure mate, every last minute. I’ve planted your little cactus and there’s some sterling Akinyemi specials of you knocking around which will never be taken down, you will be delighted to hear. Everyone misses you, you are talked about often with love. I still have the flowers your mum gave me. Love you.

  16. From a card sent by Amelia (whom Naseeb grew up with) and Marilyn Cuffy, very close family friends.
    “Dear Balwant and Kooj,
    I share your pain.
    I mourn in sorrow.
    I ask for comfort
    and strength for you both
    for the loss of your
    beloved son, Naseeb.
    I wonder about
    the chasm left unfilled.
    I hear his voice from Z-arts
    I see his helpful frame.
    He gave us so much,
    during his short stay with us.
    I wonder in grief and we wander in loss”

  17. Chewie there’s not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. I hope you’re in a good place, sipping cocktails in the sun listening to Lana Del Ray… You’re the kindest, funniest, down-to-earth, loving person I’ve ever had the privilege to spend time with, they broke the mould when they made you man! I’ll always cherish the joke times I’ve had with you over the past few years, and we’ll never stop sharing our memories of you, missing you and loving you. You’re forever in our thoughts chew, always in our hearts xxx

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