From the drop-down menu under ‘Gallery’ above or from the following links, there are menu items that will take you to various photograph galleries.  These will need a password because they include pictures of family and friends and are meant for the family and friends who might be in the pictures or people close to them. If you have not received a password for these, please contact us using the CONTACT PAGE.

Video slideshow of Naseeb’s life using photos from his parents’ collection, it was shown on a projector during the social gathering after the funeral

Photos taken by his friends, given to us by his close friend Leo

Photos of of the Cremation Service at Manchester Crematorium, 23rd June 2016

Photos of the Social Gathering at Longford Suite, 23rd June 2016

Here are a few photos of Naseeb at various stages of his life (click on any image to see them as a nice large size slideshow):

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