Slideshow of Naseeb’s Life

Here is the video slideshow of Naseeb’s life using photos from his parents’ collection, it was shown on a projector during the social gathering after the funeral.  It includes family and many of the people we have known over the years who are dear friends.  As a result, it is password protected so that it is difficult to be seen by members of the public, but we would like those who were good friends of Naseeb to be able to view it.  If you don’t have the password, please contact us via the CONTACT PAGE.

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3 thoughts on “Slideshow of Naseeb’s Life”

  1. These photos show such an interesting, warm, lively young man and his loving family…wish I’d known Naseeb and you then too.

  2. The slide show is such a moving tribute to your son. It is difficult to keep a dry eye whilst watching it. It is clear that he had a warm and loving family, and your love for him is palpable through this website.

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