Revisiting Malham Cove on the 7th Anniversary

Last weekend and the few days leading up to it were the seventh anniversary of when Naseeb passed away. This year we decided to mark it with a day out at Malham Cove and the nearby Gordale Scar up in North Yorkshire, where we took Naseeb when he was an infant.

It’s a striking place to see and at that age the scale and size of the place must have seemed even larger and more dramatic. Malham Cove has a heck of a lot of steps to climb, but at the top there is what they call a ‘limestone pavement’ made of huge slabs of rock (clints) which are separated by gaps (grykes). It’s pretty dramatic.

We kept getting the sense of Naseeb with us during the day, which began with the journey there when we recalled him saying the classic “Are We There Yet?” and hearing his impatient voice calling out to us from the back seat of the car. Open outdoor environments such as this help to diffuse the intensity of our feelings without stifling them, and allow our love for him to rise above the noise. It’s at these times we manage to momentarily shrink time and distance.

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3 thoughts on “Revisiting Malham Cove on the 7th Anniversary”

  1. It is lovely that revisiting the beautiful environment of Malham Cove brings back happy memories for you both of time spent there with Naseeb as a child. Much love from us.

  2. A beautiful place for a young one. So many stepping stones to have so much fun on.

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