A documentary ‘Stopping Male Suicide’ is currently online

BBC2 Horizon documentary ‘Stopping Male Suicide’ informatively investigates the issues without dwelling on labelling people or traumatic stories. Available on iPlayer until 21st September 2018.

The subject of suicide has become deeply important to us at many levels, but we’ve found hardly anything by way of TV programmes or films that say much that is useful on the subject.  Finally, a BBC2 Horizon documentary has just been televised that informatively investigates the issues without dwelling on labelling people or traumatic stories.  It’s a worthwhile and educative watch ending in pointers to progressive ways forward.  ‘Stopping Male Suicide’ can be watched online now:

stopping male suicide - watch on iplayer
Stopping Male Suicide – watch online now

Direct Link:

We’ve added this to Naseeb’s memorial blog as an exception because it’s better than most and reflects some of the issues we have been exploring since Naseeb passed away.  We hope to be able to share what we have been working on in the near future.  We encourage everyone to share this accessible film.

Here are some further links to resources which may be helpful including how to begin difficult conversations:

How to start a difficult conversation

A short online course to help get the best possible outcome from a conversation

A parent’s guide to depression

Support tools for students

An introduction to suicide prevention (this one is a USA based resource)

stopping male suicide

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One thought on “A documentary ‘Stopping Male Suicide’ is currently online”

  1. This is an important, intelligent and sensitively made documentary which, as you said, focuses on ways of identifying those at risk and thus is a cause for hope. It deserves to be widely shared and could be of considerable value to those who have any institutional responsibility for mental health.

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