Tree Planting in Memory of Naseeb + gallery

Finally we’ve managed to put together the tree planting photos with Naseeb’s poem, an afternoon of words, music, food, friends and memories.

On 13th April 2017 a bunch of us (Naseeb’s friends and family) got together in Longford Park, Stretford, Manchester to plant a tree in his memory.  A previous blog post has details of the spot its in and about the tree which is a Prunus cerasifera Nigra, Purple Leaved Cherry Plum tree, and about why we chose that tree.

The weather was kind and we were in tender but good spirits.  Iona sang a beautiful version of a song by Laura Marling, Kooj sang a heartfelt version of Autumn Leaves (even though it was spring), Erin and a friend did a reading of their own writing for Naseeb.  Finally Balwant read out a poem that Naseeb had written when he was 10 years old (see below), and then we had food, drink and chatted.

We were lucky to have our friend Arvind Mistry step forward and photograph the event, and the gallery of photographs (at the end of this post) pretty much tells the story of the day.

Thanks again to Naseeb’s friends including Ev, Georgie, Erin, Kate and others for getting this started and Dave Sykes who planted the tree with us helping on the day (from Environmental Services, Trafford) without whom this would not have been possible.  Thanks also to the support from Friends of Longford Park .

Today, Kooj and Balwant have just planted daffodil and snowdrop bulbs under the tree, which should appear in late winter / early spring.  If anyone is in the area do get in touch if you like and we can hop over to see the tree and have a coffee!


Spring Is Life

In Spring squirrels scamper up trees, lively and energetic.
Birds sing joyfully up in the treetops,
Hedgerows come alive and hedgehogs wake up from hibernating.

In Spring streams start flowing, unlocked from their icy prison.
Warmth radiates over the land, bringing happiness and joy,
New life is born and new growth shoots up towards the sky.

In Spring trees blossom and shine, standing out from the landscape.
Bees dart about, visiting fiery tulip goblets and fluffy cherry blossom,
Laburnum trees drip with golden dew and Magnolias smell like a sweet shop.

In Spring skies turn blue, the occasional cloud dotted about.
Lush green foliage offers shade and the air buzzes with life,
Farmers put out scarecrows and food is plentiful.

This is Spring.

by Naseeb S. Chuhan (age 10)


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One thought on “Tree Planting in Memory of Naseeb + gallery”

  1. It was a fitting and beautiful ceremony, nicely recalled in the photo gallery.
    We often walk past the memorial tree which is flourishing. Next year it will be lovely to see the newly planted daffodils and snowdrops make their appearance; the new life that Naseeb referred to in his poem.

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